23 December, 2012

The new tv channel of Angers gives priority to viability and starts at low scale

Credit Picture : Vo Live
Angers city council wants to go fast. After the Conseil supérieur de l'audiovisuel gave, on December 12th, the green light to broadcast, the 21 shareholders of the tv channel gathered and gave it a name, Angers Télé, and a manager, Olivier Hamon, already manager of an internet channel in Brittany, Armor Tv. The choice was probably due to the experience of Mr Hamon in the web tv. If to broadcast on the Hertzian net should become too costly for Angers télé, the local channel would come back to the internet channel.

Amor Tv is itself a creation of the Vo Live company which offers in its services to "set up your television channel on internet what allows to the customers to modernize their communication". Its most important project is Armor tv, a channel located (and about) in the Côtes d'Armor which has started in November 2006. Its website gives an idea of what could be the programmes of Angers télé : daily and weekly news, sports, music or culture are the contents of that channel who is already a token of longevity. The two predecessors of Angers télé lasted lasted nine years (Tv 10) and three years (Angers 7).
The new Angers channel displays a smaller ambition than the previous stations. The team will not exceed ten persons. For the shareholders (private companies and local authorities like Angers city and Angers Loire Métropole, those having the majority) the viability of Angers télé is more important than  its size. So the business model claims to be modest. A "contract of objectives and means" will be submitted to the Angers city council on January 30th and Angers tv will strat its programmes before the end of February.

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