21 December, 2012

Opened and closed stores on Sunday : the day of the mess

The mayors of cities and villages members of Angers Loire Métropole have not cleared out the debate about the closing of superstores on Sundays. The commercial center of Murs-Erigné, Hyper U, announced it will be opened the Sunday morning before Christmas. Why? Because its neighour, the E. Leclerc centre, located in Brissac, will open that day. "We  can't loose market shares", notices the manager of Hyper U : "We have to counter competitors". But why is the E. Lecler centre opened in spite of the prohibition of Angers Loire Métropole? Because it is not located in the area of that authority...

Another original aspect of the case is the Hyper U is supported by an ecologist, Philippe Bodard, mayor of Murs-Erigné and himself member of Angers Loire Métropole board which, a few months ago voted, unanimously (so including Mr Bodard), against the openings of superstores on Sundays! "They are entrusted to open, above all if the E.Leclerc of Brissac open in the same customer catchment area", he remarks. Local trade unions critized the move of the hyper U management but the employees of that store were favourable to the opening : they will get a double wage what, for the Hyper U, is not profitable! 

Picture before Sunday closing
But, what will the customers do? A priori, those of Murs-Erigné should not go to Brissac. Perhaps those of Saint-Jean-de-Linières who, one year ago, have to stop their Sunday shopping, will go to Murs-Erigné. On the afternoon, they will be free to pay visit to the wooden mobile stores set up in Ralliement square and rented by Angers city, because on the following days, they will have vasnished. The same day, the settled stores of Angers down town will be closed. They will reopen after Christmas, but the purchases will be over!

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