02 January, 2011

While spared up to now by the flu, Angers inhabitants should take care

 The Angers inhabitants should take care. Even if, up to now, the Anjou had been spared by the flu, that seasonal disease is coming back. According to a bulletin published at the very end of december by the health network Inserm sentinelles, the region is in the middle of two sources, one located at West and the other at East. The authority has noticed that the threshold of alert has been reached in Brittany as well as in Poitou-Charentes.

The symptoms of the flu are a brutal fever upper to 39°, muscular pains and respiratory difficulties. According to Inserm sentinelles, a light majority of patients are men and their medium age is 24. If it is still possible for exposed persons to get vaccinated, the main hygiene precautions is to wash one's hands several times a day and to have single-use handkerchieves. Moreover the persons in contact with patients it is recommanded they wear surgical masks (as well as these lasts).

Regarding the weather in Angers, the next days will see a drop in temperatures from sunday (-1°) to tuesday (-3°) with rains and fog. According to the Inserm network the number of cases should increase in the days to come.

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