31 January, 2011

Next Slow food workshop at Le quai dedicated to beer. Cheers!

Credit Piciture : Fotosearch
If the fast food industry is currently associated with the English speaking countries, the opposition to fast food sounds englicized too. On february 2nd, the public organization of cultural cooperation Le Quai, in Angers, will host a taste workshop about hand crafted beers sponsorized par the international movement promoting an alternative to fast food : Slow Food.

Credit Picture : Wikipedia
Slow Food, part of the international Slow Movement, "strives to preserve traditional and regional cuisine and encourages farming of plants, seeds and livestock characteristic of the local ecosystem". The movement has around 100,000 members in 132 countries.

If such events took place twice in the past in Angers, one dedicated to meat Maine-Anjou and the forgotten vegetables, the 2011 workshop is about beer. Craft brewereies exist in Anjou and try to differentiate themselves with flavourful beers with local raw materials and ancestral methods. Others workshops are coming on april, about honey, and may, about camembert. Until then, have a beer next wednesday in a giant pub

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