03 January, 2011

A "royal" promontory overlooking Angers past and future outraged by public disgrace

A walk within the Angers castle leads the visitors to notice the importance of the works of restoration of the royal home destroyed by the fire almost two years ago and due to be completed before the end of 2011. Those works point also out the state of ruin in which is a huge room which, through larges windows, overlooks the Maine river - and the Paris-Nantes highway - located below. A momumental chimney gives an idea of the flamboyant receptions organized in the far-off days by the owners of the castle.

Archeological excavations have been implemented on the ground a long time ago and, apparently, stopped (because shortage of public funds?). The surface is now invaded by wild grass. The far end of that former hall, where is a giant chimney, is covered by an ugly roof of metallic sheets. This antique place of festivities is now swept by the winds. The West wall above the rocky cliff has been partially destroyed. Only two surviving windows now open on the vacuum. The place ia presently used as a basis for a crane lifting materials for the restoration of the royal home nearby. It would deserve a much useful part.

While the city plans the reconquest of the Maine banks, why the authority managing the castle would not undertake the reconstruction of that hall? That place is, in addition, a privilegied point of view over the Maine banks (once got rid of the road scarface) and could become again a privilegied promontory to see the past  - and the future - of Angers.

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