25 January, 2011

English atmosphere trendy in Angers City

News analysis. - While the French government is thinking to boost the teaching of English in France as soon as possible in the schooling, in Angers, the practice of that language increases. A recent report about The English-Language Libraryof Angers located Boisnet street points out that people seem interested by librarian services of the place and by the atmosphere which reigns there. And, in the website of the Ella, many services, apart the access to the books, are available.

In fact, Angers inhabitants are eager to learn English and even to live in an anglicized atmosphere.The city hall institute indicated a few weeks ago it enlarged its offer of English training courses. Families take advantage of the presence of English speaking people in their neighbourhood to give their children English initiation. If, Angers customers are used to see many English words, and even full sentences, on the store windows, recently a tea shop has been opened in L'Espine street where English is only spoken and seems to attract people.

But, on a national level, a lot of measures could be passed. And the first could be the end of dubbing the English dialogues in French. That could force the audience to become familiar to English. The preservation of French doesn't go through the ignorance of other languages and, among them, English.

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