20 January, 2011

Angers inhabitants express their vision of the Maine reconquest

The bank of the Saone at Lyon after redevelopment
The most surprising fact which emerged on january 18th from the meeting, organized by the town hall of Angers, regarding the future of the Maine banks, is the interest of the inhabitants. Five hundreds inhabitants were gathered in the Greniers Saint-Jean to listen the results of an inquiry which 90 of them realized for near a year. If it's quite difficult to foresee the forms of that Maine reconquest, it's clear that the automobile traffic could be the first victim of the scheme.

According to the inhabitants, who visited such urban development in Bordeaux and Lyon, as well as the three architects pre-selected for the implementation of the project, the absence of contact between the river and the city is damageable for the inhabitants and theirs visitors. The first cannot take advantage of the water and the nature and the tourists come in a city whic the "front door" is ugly.
Credit Picture : Bordeaux city

Some original, but probably costly suggestions were made like the construction of a lake dwelling in the Saint-Serge district but others could come naturally like the reconversion of barges in bars or restaurants (it's the case in Lyon). The three architects will now take over the ideas of these inhabitants and will submit their study on next autumn. 

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