27 January, 2011

The Angers young managers will work on work purposes next month

André Comte-Sponville (website)

The former trade union leader, Nicole Notat, the author Erik Orsenna and the philosopher André Comte-Sponville will discuss on february 8h on the purposes people feed in their working life : "Why am I working for?". The aim of the conference is to investigate the history, the working values and the constraints of the labor. The meeting is organized by the Centre des jeunes dirigeants, an employer's movement whose goal is to back the young managers in the improvement of their own skills and the performances of their companies.

Credit Picture : Vigeo
Angers was, several months ago, as well as many cities in France, the place of numerous demonstrations against the reform of the French pensions system. The event could illustrate that a part of the salaried employees, wishing to leave the labor life on the same ages as before, are considering the work is, at best, a necessary harm, or, at worst, an alienation.

Erik Orsenna (Wikipedia)
This state of mind could not be without connection with the productivity national economy and the slight increase of wages needed to compensate the decrease of working length. May be that evolution, whose effect on jobs creation are at best very undeterminate, has turned the working life in series of hours instead of an opportunity of personal fulfillment.

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