24 January, 2011

The Angers dowtown editorial office of Le Courrier de l'Ouest hangs up a protest

What's going on at Le Courrier de l'Ouest editorial office of Ralliement Plaza? Two boards are hung up at the second floor of the building located at the corner of the Chaussée Saint-Pierre street. One bears the logo of a professional syndicate, the Syndicat national des journalistes (Snj) and the second (hand made) seems to protest against (actually the sentence written on it doesn't appear clearly) a "closure". Is the newspaper plan to shut its offices in down town?

The building formerly sheltered several subsidiaries of Le Courrier. Excepted the editorial office (located formerly at the f
irst floor), the advertising department and a travel agency (on ground floor) were housed there. Apparently the advertising department is gone near the head office and the travel agency had been removed from the private companies register, making way for a restaurant presently in works.

Nationaly, the french daily press is under huge change. Le Courrier de l'Ouest was bought in 2005 by the Sipa Ouest France group, his former competitor. If the presence of the board could be linked to the recent election in the Snj which had led to a form of internal competition, it could also be the implementation of a cost reduction policy implemented by Sipa Ouest France in many private companies. And a newspaper is a private company too.

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