18 January, 2011

A group of Angers inhabitants formed py the city will unveil today its vision of the new Maine banks

The Maine banks
The study of  90 inhabitants of Angers regarding the future of the Maine banks will be shown on january 18th during a public meeting at Les Greniers Saint-Jean. The goal of these people is "to design the revival of the Maine banks to the benefit of the inhabitants, to make a place of gathering and life and to protect durably the quality of environment".

The Rhône banks
One of the main difficulties is, at this stage, to think about the future of the motorway the mayor of Angers want to disappear, considering it as "a scarface". But, presently, no solution has been worked out. The most interested participants of the meeting will be the three teams of architects and urbanists already preselected by Angers city and which will have to integrate in their plans the ideas of the 90 inhabitants. The winner of the contest will be choosen in autumn by Angers city.

Three hundreds hectares are concerned and their components will all be changed : the river, the traffic ways, the activities, the landscape, the monuments and several districts of Angers. But all that project will be implemented on a long period : more than ten years.

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