02 September, 2014

The rosés d'Anjou see life through rose-tinted spectacles

Depuis une dizaine d'années, les vins rosés d'Anjou sont de plus en plus prisés. Jadis parents pauvres des terroirs, ils ne parviennent plus à satisfaire la demande, au point qu'il faut en importer. Le millésime 2014 semble favorable.

One of the main symbols of Angers and Anjou economy is the rosé wine and that one is feeling quite good. After 2012 and 2013 poor grape-harvests, stocks of wine-growers are rather low because large retailers sell high volumes of rosé. Two vintage are trendy : the Cabernet d'Anjou and the Rosé d'Anjou. While, formerly, those were really downgraded, since ten years, their turnover has soared. In the large retailers circuits, the sales of Cabernet rose by 48% and those of Rosé by 11% and by 21% for the dry rosé.

The demand is so important that stocks are insufficient. So wine growers asked to be authorized to increase the yields by hectare. According to professional observers, the room for growth is important. France is the first consumer of Rosé and the first producer. But that one is insufficient what led France to import rosé. Those doubled between 2002 and 2012. The 2014 grape-harvest looks rather favourable and the quality of the vintage could be excellent. Those wines are based on the fruit and stimulate the love of good beverages, particularly with women and youngs.

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