07 September, 2014

Angers will not probably linked to Linky

La réindustrialisation de l'ancien site de Thomson n'est pas pour demain. Le compteur intelligent Linky que lance Erdf sera fabriqué dans l'Ouest à Dinan. La destinée de ce qui devient au fil des mois une friche industrielle est d'ores et déjà un sujet de préoccupation pour la nouvelle municipalité angevine.

The restarting of the Thomson site is not established. The place, supported by the former Angers city council to manufacture the clever meter Linky on behald the French electricity network Erdf, is very probably moved aside. The meter will be assembled in Dinan, a Brittany city. The Linky meter transmits automatically to the customer his electricity consumption.

For Angers, the disappointment is real. The Thomson industrial site located on Birgé boulevard is totally deserted since the autumn 2012. Even if the 35 millions meters were not due to be produced in a single place, it would have be highly appreciated to get, at least, a share of that market estimated at 250 millions euros. The consequences for employment are up to 10,000 jobs in France.

Credit Pictures : Erdf and Angers Loire Métropole
The decision, not still completely official, but nevertheless published by the daily Ouest-France, is not a surprise (see Angers Daily News August 7th 2014). The new Angers decision-makers didn't wait a decision before September and for some local trade-union leader, the prospect became more and more unlikely. 

For Angers and Angers Loire Métropole, it is gradually more and more difficult to going on with an industrial wilderness of such importance. The remoteness of an answer is not without consequences for the unemployment and other economic sectors, like the real-estate more and more depressed in Angers.

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