03 September, 2014

Angevine "gentleness"

L'ancienne compagne de François Hollande, l'Angevine Valérie Trierweiler, publie un ouvrage dans lequel elle raconte sa vie à l'Elysée et surtout la manière abrupte selon laquelle "ce moment" a pris fin. Pour les médias anglais, le président français mal en point n'avait pas besoin de cette douceur angevine...

"Everything I write is true. In the Elysée, sometimes I felt like I was on a reportage. I suffered too much from lies to commit any myself in turn". Like this starts the book of Valérie Trierweiler, the former Angers born partner of Francois Hollande, French president. "Thanks for this moment", abundantly commentated by France medias, is also covered by the English speaking medias.

Several of those point out the political damages the author, in the meantime reporter for the weekly Paris-Match, may cause to the head of French state. "As if Hollande didn't have enough problems on his hands with the stagnant economy and various political crises, he's now threatened by a forthcoming mempor from his ex 'first lady'", writes The Local, a website which publishes France news in English. According to The Guardian "The publication of the book will dismay the president whose popularity dropped another four points this week. He has refused to make any comment on the dramatic end to his seven-year relationship with Trierweiler". The Telegraph considers that "Any embarrasing personal revelations would be the latest in a string of setbacks for Mr Hollande, whose approval ratings are at rock bottom".

The Angers daily Le Courrier de l'Ouest and Ouest-France choose a more personal stance and assess that the French president had had "incongruous words" regarding the Angers family of Mrs Trierweiler. While he was invited by her mother, brothers and sisters to an End of year diner, François Holland would have said : "It isn't attractive the Massonneau family" what would have, legitimately, made angry his companion. It is not told if Angers is the target of similar evaluations by Mr. Hollande nor if Mrs Trierweiler dedicates pages of her book about her native city.

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