08 September, 2014

The political end of summer has rung

Le retour des affaires publiques et parfois des polémiques indiquent que l'heure de la rentrée politique a sonné.

If a few days ago, Angers inhabitants resumed their work, their studies or their household tasks, the city representatives are starting their come back at the front or the stage. Meetings in Angers Loire Métropole, presse conference by the Angers mayor, opinion colums in the medias and, above all, polemic about the 2014 season of Terra Botanica are the main clues of the political end of summer break. 

At Angers Loire Métropole, it seems Christophe Béchu, its president, has suceeded in keeping that authority on technical issues. The next meeting will be dedicated to higher education and researh through allocations to the two universties as well as high schools. But it is not sure things will go along that way. The Alm authority has recently started to buy houses located near the Biopole plant. "We do not implement expropriations. We buy out those homes at the prices of the Service des domaines", Mr. Béchu points out.

After that one was criticized through the Terra Botanica, Biopole could also be in the hot seat. A report has been made about the running of the facility but has not be made public. It will surely at the agenda of a next debatge at Angers Loire Métropole as weel as the association of tat authority and the city to the botanic park.

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