10 September, 2014

An opponent of the former Angers municipal majority will take office as ombudsman

Un opposant à l'ancienne majorité municipale d'Angers a été nommé médiateur. Ce poste est en outre partagé avec le Conseil général. Ce changement n'est pas sans significations.

The recent designation of the second ombudsman of Angers marks the will of the Angers city council to save money. After the first one, Henri Poizat, left his office a few months ago, it has been decided that his successor would be in charge of the trouble-shooter tasks on behalf the Angers town hall and the Maine-et-Loire general council.  That will reduce the expenses of the city itself and will reduce those of the department which also had its own ombudsman.

But it marks also a political gesture. The new holder of the office, Hervé Carré, was a former general councillor of Maine-et-Loire between 1998 and 2001 as well as a former deputy-mayor of Angers under Jean-Claude Antonini's term. Mr. Carré, first member of Mr. Antonini's majority was later dismissed by that one because he expressed dissident opinion. Mr. Carré has no political mandate. He will start his job next October. 

That nomination may have two meanings. First the share of an ombudsman between two authorities, very close in political trend, could be the announcement of more systematic pooling. Recently the president of the general council made clear that he wished joint efforts in order to promote the Terra Botanica parl. Secondly, Hervé Carré, who had be a close ally of the former Angers socialist mayor, Mr. Antonini,was considered by him later (like Jean-Luc Rotureau), as an ennemy. The come back to a public office of an foe of the previous mayor is the clue that a page has been turned.

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