13 June, 2014

The Maine as a runners water

Le club de natation Aquarius organise le 14 juin deus descentes de la Maine. Après "Tout Angers bouge", il faudrait que "Tout Angers nage" ou au moins supporte les nageurs.

After the "All Angers is moving" sport event which took place on the last week end, the Maine river will host on June 14 some courageous swimmers as soon as 7.30 am on the Tabarly platform for the 14th edition of the Maine descent! It is not sure that, at that hour, "All Angers will swim" especially with lower temperatures. Two trials are planned. From 9.00 : a competition will gather players who regularly exercise under the constraint of a chronometer. At 1.00, the Aquarius organizes a leisure trial without any competition mind whose registration fees will benefit to heart surgery. 

That help is in line with the philosophy of that sport society. "Our goal is not to train competitors in swimming. Before all, it want to be a place of socialization and blossoming for everyone in the four swims : butterfly stroke, breaststroke, backstroke and crawl", says Aquarius on its website which also discloses that "it pays attention to the fact every swimmer be alerted about gestures of rescue, given swimming pool accidents are more and more numerous" adds Aquarius. The swim in the Maine is a kind of completion of numerous trainings in swimming pools of Aquarius members. 

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