09 June, 2014

Managers on board

Depuis quelques semaines, la Maine accueille un nouvel occupant. "Et plus que l'air marin", une péniche complètement restaurée grâce à un groupe d'entrepreneurs angevins, accueillera à son bord le public à compter des prochaines Journées du patrimoine avant de servir de cadre à des séminaires ou des expositions. La Maine redeviendra ainsi un peu plus un lieu d'activité et non un simple long vieux fleuve tranquille... 

The Maine river along the Carmes bank hosts a new barge. Dozens are already moored in the surroundings but that one symbolizes, with a few others, a new way of using the river. Not for leisures, not as a place to live (many barges are used as homes), but for business. A barge "Et plus que l'air marin", a reference to the famous (Angevin) poet Joachim du Bellay, is now parked in front of the current Favre d'Anne restaurant and is waiting, not passengers, but managers. Les Ducs d'Albe, a local company headed by Muriel Cheftel will be soon ready to hosts seminars, receptions or exhibitions near the bank or even on the river.

Credit Picture : Les Ducs d'Albe
By chance, the team of Angers managers who, more than a year ago, became the owners of that barge built in the 30's, discovered that it was equipped with a Beaudoin engine, still running even if the former occupier, a construction worker who lived there for years did't travelled with the boat. That one stayed one year at a few handreds meters upstream on Felix Faure bank, has been completely restored and found again the water a few weeks ago. A lot of work has to be done inside because the Ducs d'Albe partners, among them the Cesbron, McDonald and La Boucherie groups, or the Atmosphere communication agency and Mca Finances, have projects for the barge which formerly was designed for the transport of sand.

Next September, the Heritage Day goers will go onboard, because "Et plus que l'air marin" is indeed part of the Angers heritage. Litteraly.

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