03 June, 2014

Angers as a giant playground on June 8th

Angers comme terrain de jeux géant le 8 juin . - Habitants et visiteurs d'Angers pourront le 8 juin prochain découvrir la ville sous un autre angle : celui d'un gigantesque terrain de sports et de jeux. "Tout Angers bouge" dont c'est la cinquième édition propose des circuits de 1 à 43 kms. La plupart avaient fait le plein de participants et de concurrents dès la mi-mars. 

To use Angers city as playground. That is what "Tout Angers bouge" offers to its inhabitants and visitors next Sunday, June 8th. If all year long, the town and its immediate surroundings are only considered, and displayed, as a place for work, travels or residence, the event organized by the city attempts to lead participants or public to look their environment as a giant stadium or a leisure park. "Tout Angers bouge" is first of all a series of races which will match all kind of competitors, even if the participants will not come for compete.

Except a super marathon (43 km) which already attracted about 340 runners, other races (8, 11 and 22 km) are more affordable for a larger public. The smallest (Discovery trail) will purely be urban and will take place along the Maine banks with two little incursions in the historical Doutre and Cité districts. Another one (Cité Trail) will go through a larger perimeter towards the Mall gardens and along the the tramway green ribbon along the Foch boulevard. The third (King René trail) will add the previous a passing through the Saint-Nicolas park. More the distance is longer, less the trails are urban. A little race (1.2 km) has also been planned for (600) families. The formula got the attention of Angevins and visitors : all those races were due to close the registrations by mid-march. 3,200 persons will take part! All the circuits will include supplies.

The "Dukes circuit", a little bit longer than the marathon, will go around the Maine lake and the previous Angers parks and districts. The departure will take place at 8.00 am in a no disclosed place where the runners will go by buses. The day will end with the Saint-Maurice ascent, a sprint on the 103 steps between the Maine river and the Angers cathedral. The event will also give to families opportunities to discover sports available in Angers thanks to more than 80 communities gathered in a village set up along the Maine river. According to the testimonies of previous participants, the new sights on the city were more memorable than the muscular aches!

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