25 June, 2014

"A night at the opera" by 150 students of the Angers college of music at the Grand Théâtre

Le Conservatoire à rayonnement régional d'Angers clôturera sa saison 2013-2014 avec "A night at the opera", un spectacle auquel prendront part 150 élèves musiciens, danseurs et comédiens de cette institution très importante dans la vie culturelle angevine qui dispense un enseignement de qualité, mais très exigeant. Ils se produiront les 27 et 28 juin à 20 h 30 sur la scène du Grand Théâtre d'Angers.

Sixty dansers, ten instrumentalists and eighty choristers, all students at the Angers college of music will perform their end of the year show, "A night at the opera", at the Grand Théâtre on June 27th and 28th. The show will put on stage the famous studio album recorded in 1975 by the British rock group Queen. That album, the most expensive album ever recorded at the time of its release, had been voted by the public and praised by music publications as one ot the Queens's finest works. That album took itself its name from the Marx Brothers film A night at the opera.

In that album, the Queen is at the zenith of its art, with Freddy Mercury's vocal eccentricities and a baroque and pompous music where instrumentalist experiences work together. Bohemian Rhapsody is the emblematic title of that rock opera ended by the God save the queen, as a wink to the identity of that band so majestic... and so British.

The show, staged at 8.30 pm, is the result of the work of its participants in the Angers music college which dispenses high quality education in music, danse and theatre to 1,200 pupils supervised by 80 very qualified teachers. Very dynamic pole of the Angers cultural life, the college gives to its public a very complete and demanding education where personal involvement leads to the pleasure of a collective achievement, in 2014 "A night at the opera".

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