15 June, 2014

First Angers evening of the soccer 2014 world cup : the match before the test

Le premier match de l'équipe de France en coupe du monde a attiré plusieurs dizaines d'habitants dans les cafés et terrasses du centre ville. Le score sans appel des Bleus mais également l'humeur des supporters angevins peuvent inspirer confiance pour la suite des événements. Les rues se sont rapidement vidées ensuite en raison d'un tout autre examen

The first match of the France soccer team against Honduras in the 2014 world cup gathered some Angers inhabitants in the pubs and cafes of the down town center. Flags, three coloured perruques and signs made their first appearance. Is France at the beginning of a long series of matches in Brasil? Its entrance in the competition has started ready well and Angers supporters, sat some in the bars, but most of them in the terraces or in the streets, may indicate that they are confident in the opportunities of the national team.

As soon as the final whistle, horns were heared in the streets and may be some bangers were fired. But the hustle and bustle didn't last very long. After a few minutes after the end of the game, customers left the streets and cafes owners cleaned up their front sides. And suddenly, Angers centre came back to quietness. On Monday morning, hundreds of thousands of high schoool students face the first baccalaureat test. After the significant victory of "Les Bleus", they may start the end of their school year with... philosophy!

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