21 June, 2014

The Angers castle in English territory for a while

Le chateau d'Angers retrouvera, le 22 juin, pour un après-midi, des accents anglais. Leur présence dans cette enceinte est cette fois littéraire et non militaire. La bibliothèque anglophone propose aux Angevins de découvrir littérature et English way of life. With an nice cup of tea?

For a while, the Angers castle will find again English accent on June 22nd. The English Language Library in Angers (Ellia) offers an "English afternoon" on that Sunday. If the programme is mainly literary, with readings and theatrical workshops, it is not just that. Famous English games like badminton or croquet or pony rides "and other amusements" are planned by Ellia. After lunch at 2.30 pm, "Revelations through Readings", with Peter Law, will be the appetizer of the event. Then will follow "Where the Wild Things Are", a theatre workshop English-French dedicated to youngs (4.00 pm). Later, Olivia Ross and Matthew Tennyson will introduce "Shakespeare and the Pope".

The castle was, at several periods, part of English history. During the XIIth century the Anjou province was part of the Angevin Empire of the Plantagenets kings of England and the monument was not anly longer a political centre because the English court didn't come to Angers. During the XIIIth century, when the Province was included in the French Kingdom, English tried to take over the fortress which still contains the graffiti of England prisoners. Later, the first Duke of Wellington came in the castle, then an army academy, for training. In a twist of fate, he later took part in the defeat of Napoléon at Waterloo.

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