29 January, 2013

The university enters in permanent expenses while some allocations are no renewable

The Angers University has just got a deferment thanks to Angers Loire Métropole which granted a "one-time" allocation. After a new round of talks between its president, Jean-Paul Saint-André, and the Higher education and research ministry, the 2013 budget of the university will be less in the red than foreseen. A month ago, the deficit was estimated at € 4 millions. But after new allocations from the ministry (a supplement of € 350 000), from others departments of the state (€ 500 000) and also from Angers Loire Métropole (€ 200 000) on one side, and savings of the Angers university on the other side, the deficit will be lowered at € 1,5 million.

Credit Picture Angers University
But Mr Saint-André looks incurable. After he stated that the staff expenses counted for more than 80% of the budget of the university, the president has announced the appointment of 67 persons in 2013 and 24 others in 2014! But these will undoubtedly make the expenses more difficult to reduce if ever the allocations from the state, or others partners, were do disminish. 

But how, Mr can Saint-André recognize that some buildings of the humanities college need desperately works (while students are working in unendurable conditions) and, at the same time recruit new employees ? Angers Loire Métropole said its help exceptional, i.e. no renewable. So Mr Saint-André should consider that he can't finance supplementary expenses with a grant which can never come back.

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