17 January, 2013

Avalanche of bad news on Angers students

If snowfalls are predicted on Thursday to Friday night, it's an avalanche of bad news which stormed over Angers students on January 17th. They had been informed that the dean, Jean-Paul Saint-André, didn't got a single euro more for the management of his university current fiscal year, that one being already considered by hom as "under provided" in allocations by the ministry of higher education and research. The second news came from Angers city itself who announced (what was predicted on December 19th by Angers Daily News) that the Saint-Serge parking lot, where students of the law university park their cars, will be from now charged (while it was free).

The origins of such a decision could come from the wish of Angers city to deter inhabitants to use their cars and lead them to choose the tramway, their bikes or their feet... According to town hall, facilities to park the cars are too much important in Angers compared to other cities. So the "incentive" consists in the reduction of those facilities. The second element would be the need of Angers to get more resources. A few months ago, fares of other car parks of down town had been dramatically increased what infuriated retail store owners.

That policy doesn't fit with the attempt to bring back in down town student population which is an important leverage of consumption nor the claim to revitalize the core of the city. The money they will pour in new ticket machines will not go elswhere.  If the policy is to oust cars from town, a simple prohibition would have been more effective.

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