26 January, 2013

The Angevins are able to be counted during the discount days

A quick walk in the Angers streets on Saturday 26th gives to the pedestrians the city has not yet completely recovered after the end of year 2012 holidays and no working days. In spite of the sunny weather that made disappear the nightly snowfall, and the absence of closing order to the weekly open air market, purchasers were not so numerous on the main ways of the city. The mobile store retailers themselves were not as numerous as previously : many locations usually occupied by various stalls were free.

In the downtown streets, the mood was not busy. Of course, couples were there to take benefit of the discount days : shoes and clothes were the most frequent items purchased that morning. But a glance in the stores, small and big, allows to notice that the sales have not been (yet?) very intense. Many items of good qualities at discounted prices (-30 or 40%) have not yet met their owner. The sales employees are not overloaded by shoppers.

As many French, Angers inhabitants looks cautious, even worried, about the evolution of their purchasing power, recently decreased by the first third of income tax. National medias have just reported bad trend of the unemployement rate whose increase was almost 12% in 2012 while the rate is at 9,7% was now very close to the French one (9,9%). This could explain that.

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