18 January, 2013

Angers inhabitants civic mindedness frosted

The snow which felt over Angers city in the early morning of January 17th had nothing to see with the snowfalls of February 2012. But, its predictable arrival was an opportunity for Angers city to deal with the difficulties triggered by such meteorological conditions for inhabitants, drivers and mainly pedestrians. If, generally, the situation today has improved in comparison with those of 2012 for trafic, the state of Angers pavements were far from safe for people.

In a city which is looking to promote walking instead of driving the first advice to inhabitants or store owners had neverthless sense of timing. "Angers city recalls that everybody is due to clear the snow from the pavement along one's home or store", indicated the city website. But apparently, the warning has been far from recorded.

That time Angers townhall took care of detailing on its internet page all the measures of caution it implemented regarding trafic, cancellation of events or clorure of public places. But the worst is maybe to come : the night from Friday to Saturday will be icy. So trafic will be hazardous till Sunday. Townhall which ordered a few days ago to close the ski-trail should order to reopen it.

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