19 January, 2013

The adjournment of Angers open air market has not been sold to mobile store owners

The decision of Angers townhall to prohibit the opening of the Saturday open air market fueled lack of understanding among mobile store owners. While the major part of the Leclerc square, usually dedicated to that weekly activity, was, on January 18th, empty of stalls... and cars, a few mobile store owners selling fruits and vegetables nervertheless decided to confront the cold. A few dozens of meters further down, fishshops and others food mobile stores were working as usual.

That scene reminds another issue largely discussed by the Angers retail and large trade owners : the prohibition to open on Sundays, even the Sundays before the end of year holidays. That decision of Angers Loire Métropole authority was widely criticized because that period of Christmas and End of year day is usually very profitable for their sales.

The weather conditions are the obvious reasons which made the Angers city to decide the closing that Saturday of the the open air market. But, were the temperature and wind in Angers so hard to justify the stop of trade activity? Are not the mobile store owners the best entitled to decide what is best for their job?

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