24 October, 2010

When a local media adds fuel to the flames after the demonstrations

(News analysis).- The article dedicated by an Angers media on october 23rd to the involvment of a canadian student presently in that city in the demonstrations against the reform of the pensions sytem raises questions about the role of the media in keeping pressures on the opponents to the government's project (an issue already evoked in this blog) and the absence of reserve on internal issues from foreign people living in France without paying their taxes (or any taxe) there (or anywhere).

In the article, the media quote the comments of the student regarding the damages of the demonstrations : "
For me, the view of garbage cans scattered upside down, the buses and trains stopped is beautiful" (Did he have to travel on these days?). As for the the excesses of the demonstrations, the person consider them as "not desirable but normal".

If this student has the absolute right to talk about the flaws and even the faults of France, he must not forget that (aside the medical and housing aids he gets or may get from France) in his province, the retirement age is not compulsory, the weekly work time is 40 hours and the vacations don't exceed 4 weeks per year. This young canadian student should look watchfully at his own country and demonstrate... at home.

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