26 October, 2010

A new garnments english style store in Sainte-Croix square

Angers inner city becomes anglicized. "Loding", a garnment store, launched a month ago at Sainte-Croix square, is the second UK inspired store to be opened since the summer holidays. Within a few weeks, an irish tea room will also welcome consumers in L'Espine street.

If "loding" has no meaning in english, the atmosphere of the store clearly shows the origin of its inspiration : furnitures with patina, learher armchair, thick green carpet. The garnments proceed of course from an english inspiration : brightly colored stripes ties. And the manager seems to arrive directly from a London upper district but is native from Angers. And Fortunately, the prices are not in english currency.

Let us hope for "Loding", many Angers inhabitants will come in and say "My tailor is rich"...

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