28 October, 2010

A new video "Meetinangers" on Facebook

Facebook host a video produced by the city of Angers and, apparently, designed to attract the business tourism and some economic activities the town is lacking in that period of slow growth.

If the movie untitled "Angers get surprised!" attemps to keep rythm and show the interest of the city to foreign companies, some sequences look a little bit has been (like the Cadre Noir, from Saumur) while others are still very influenced by the desire to ensure Angers is not so far from Paris. On the other hand, the video mixes some legends written in english (website adress : www.meetinangers.com) what denotes a wish toward more openness.

Perhaps it would be more appropriate to point out the differences the city of the Plantagnet dynasty has face to the capital, not only in the "way of life with a french touch" but also in the transition between worktime and personnal life, that one being, as many people recognize it, quite difficult in Paris and its region.

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