07 August, 2014

Worrying clouds in the Angers economic sky

Les nuages pourraient s'amonceler dans le ciel de l'économie angevine à la rentrée. Une entreprise locale de plus de 100 personnes va disparaître. Les sociétés de travaux publics redoutent les difficultés financières des collectivités locales. Et la décision relative au choix d'Angers comme lieu de fabrication du compteur électrique intelligent se fait attendre...

The return from the summer holidays could be a little bit sobering for the Angers economy. One of the subsidiaries of Altia Industry (the French manufacturer of shopping carts, itself in voluntary liquidation) settled in Angers, has been put in liquidation by the city commercial court. It employed more than 100 persons. The business will continue until September 30th. 

A few days after the decision of the court, the president of the public works companies, Luc Durand, stated he was worried by the activity of his affiliates. These companies, which work frequently with territorial authorities, hear that their customers had no more money for, by example, the maintenance of the roads. But, he says, the works will be more costly if there is no maintenance during ten years. "The representatives have no long range vision. They act according to the electoral calendar. We will all die in", complains Mr. Durand. 

And, as that were not sufficient, it seems that the award of the contract for the manu-facturing of Linky, the intelligent electric meter, is far from to be done. So the re-industrialization of the Thomson site is unresolved. A decision was expected in June, then July. "Nothing will intervene before the end of the summer break", predicted the deputy president of the Angers Loire Métropole authority, Jean-Pierre Berheim. A trade union leader, Michel Bouyer, feels that "the hypothesis Linky becomes more and more unlikely". 

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