20 August, 2014

Angers prepares the start of the school year

Au cours des semaines à venir, la ville d'Angers va accueillir plus de 30 000 étudiants. Plusieurs manifestations festives qui visent à faciliter l'intégration de ces jeunes dans leur nouvel environnement sont prévues. 

If Angers students are preparing their way back to school, Angers city is preparing the way back of students.  And they are 30,000 in town.The events it planned in that field associate the university and the different schools. City and education authorities aim to welcome students in order to make their life easier during the next ten months. A "welcome pack", in limited quantity, will give them all the sports (free entrances or discounted tickets in swimming pools, ice-skate or professionnal matches) and culture (museums, libraries, events) facilities available in Angers. But the candidates must fulfill an application form before September 18th.

Several concerts are also planned. Those who start their higher studies in September will be get a free ticket for a concert at the Chabada hall between September and December and all of them are invited to a welcome concert of Eastern music in that place on October 2nd with the Kadebostany Republic band. Before that, another highlight will take place : the Campus Day on September 25th. Picnic, sport challenges, plays, danse and miscellaneous hustel-and-bustle are planned under the patronage of numerous Angers university partners.

Some of the educational authorities will also organize a student orientation week. After that one, it well be time to get back to work!

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