30 November, 2012

Christmas time at Ralliement square

The strings of fairy lights had been set up almost a month ago in the Angers down town streets. For several weeks, stores front sides had their tinsels, their fir trees and of course their snow of cellulose. But something was missing. Something as compulsory as the red hats children will wear till the end of the year. The Christmas village has deployed its wooden huts (opened on Sundays...) in the core of the city.

Instantaneously, the Christmas atmosphere is back and, with it, the sweet bouquet of the hot wine with cinnamon people love to savour gathered around a red barrel. About thirty chalet style houses have warmed, but not sufficiently, the icy and coulourless Ralliement square whose the trolley is now, for the rest of the year, the unique source of excitement. Cakes, wines, cheeses or hats, gloves, sweaters or candles, Christmas crib figures and other decorations are now waiting people who have always been filled with wonder for Christmas atmosphere.

Even if the weather is not yet the coldest of the year, people have already started to taste the hot wines as if it was a "Beaujolais nouveau". The first pictures of girls with red night cap have started to be shot. The merry-go-round welcomes already its first children. The huge Christmas tree is the only element lacking in the setting. The paths between the wooden huts give to the village the look of the craddle. That is not unusual. Everybody is back to childhood during Chrismas time.

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